Saturday, December 8, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 4

KPop Challenge Day 4:
A KPop Song You Know All the Words To: Um... Well this is a really difficult category cause my Korean is really poor and I can only fake that I know the lyrics... I can sing most of the choruses but not really a whole song... So... A full song I can fake sing along to the best? Donghae and Eunhyuk's Oppa Oppa, I can do most of SHINee's Lucifer, BigBang's Love Song, and U-Kiss' Take Me Away... I'm going to post Take Me Away cause it's the one I can fake the easiest... And half the lyrics are in English... > . >

F4fighting!: Sadly I have the same problem. I, too, do not actually speak Korean as much as I dearly wish. However, I find myself being able to sing right along with the TastyTwins' You Know Me.....not sure why...maybe because they mainly repeat the same phrases over and over....maybe because I'm a genius. *shrug* who knows?

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