Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 KPop Challenge Day 1

So F4fightin! and I have decided to do a 30 day Kpop Challenge. However, because we're busy with school, we're spreading it over 60 days. So every two days we'll post one day. Today will be Day One, on Tuesday we'll do Day Two, Thursday Day Three, etc... Wish us luck! Fighting!

Day One:
Your Favorite KPop Guy Group: This was so difficult and I can't answer with just one group, so I'm posting my top two. Super Junior and SHINee take turns rocking my world. I love Super Junior because they were the first KPop group I was introduced to but I love SHINee because they're amazing. Such wonderful groups, how can I live without them?

F4fighting! speaking here!
My all time favorite Kpop group of forever is....*drumroll* 
SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!! There is no discussion or swaying in any way!! Super Junior is my rock and foundation. Nothing can replace their spot in my heart and soul. I LOVE them SO MUCH!!!

In second place, I love BIGBANG. But not as much as SuJu...

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