Thursday, December 27, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 13

KPop Challenge Day 13:

A Picture of a KPop Idol Who You Think is Overrated:

Psy. He's good, but not nearly as cracked up as everyone thinks he is. I'm glad that he introduced KPop to others, but I think there are other people way better than him, and there are other songs way better than his. BigBang's Fantastic Baby, I think that one could be just as popular.
F4fighting!: I agree with this statement. I still do not understand how PSY has swept the USA and escalated to the high spot where he sits now. I'm glad he did, in a way, now America has been introduced to Kpop, but seriously, could we have picked a different song????? I'm not dissing Gangnam Style, but wow there are thousands of better Kpop songs/videos out there. It does not make sense. Totally overrated. 

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