Monday, December 17, 2012

Seventeen member group?

Pledis Entertainment has released an announcement that they have put together a seventeen member boy group... Seventeen members is a lot. We have virtually no information about this group and the two teasers they've released tell us almost nothing. In fact they don't even show the group and only one of the teasers has a few members talking and one member singing so we get an idea of the group's vocal talent. The members will all be around 17 years of age and the main purpose of the group will be to promote in Japan and China, and of course Korea. It is rumored that, after debuting, the group will split and do promotions in Korea, Japan, and China. So Pledis is sort of doing what SMTown did with EXO-K/M? Seventeen members is a large group but they are not the largest group to debut, the Japanese singing, 21 Korean member group called A-Peace hold that record. The debut date of this group has been changed multiple times so I'm going to go with their last debut announcement date and call it good, for now. December 24th, 2012. Possibly.
Any thoughts about this extremely large group? Excited? Unsure?
Here are the two teasers... I'm not sure what to make of these:

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  1. haha I watched the teasers the other day. I thought they were hilarious. Couple of girls, stalking a Kpop group, staying up late into the night on the computer, cramming heads together to see the tiny screen....these are telltale signs of a fangirl. I know because I have them myself. Therefore, Seventeen is bound to be good ;)