Sunday, December 16, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 8

KPop Challenge Day 8:

The Very First KPop Song You Ever Heard:

Super Junior - Mr. Simple
I've told this story at least twice, so I won't tell it again. Though, I have been second guessing myself. F4fighting! showed me two music videos in one day, but I can't remember which one she showed me first. I believe it was Mr. Simple, but it might have been SS501's Love Ya. It was Probably Love Ya. F4fighting!, do you remember?

F4fighting!: It was not in the same day. I showed you Mr. Simple one day at school, while we were supposed to be writing our paper and you scoffed and turned away. The next semester, I showed you SS501's Love Ya while we were at a Harry Potter movie party, so you weren't really paying attention then either...remember? It was soon after that you re-looked up Mr. Simple yourself and loved it ;)

If we are being technical, my first kpop video ever was several years ago while I was in high school. My friend casually showed me what years in the future, I came to realize was BigBang's Haru Haru and Beautiful Hangover (Japanese). I remember loving them, but moving on rather quickly (what was my problem??). It was October 2011, that I was shown Mr. Simple by friends of that original friend and I have been completely addicted ever since. 

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