What Makes a Korean Drama, a Korean Drama

Because this list just continues to get longer and longer, I've decided to make it a page and add pictures!

What makes a Korean Drama, a Korean Drama

1. Drunk Scene: In every drama there seems to be at least one scene where one of the two main characters get drunk.
2. Guy gives Girl a Piggyback Ride: Directly following the drunk scene the remaining sober character, usually the guy, has to carry the drunkie (usually the girl) home, and put her to bed.
3. Bloody nose scene: Someone gets a bloody nose from either getting hit in the face with a ball or a fist.
4. Disapproving Parent: The main guy must have a disapproving parent/guardian in order for there to be some sort of conflict that won't allow the characters to hook up. Usually the parent/guardian eventually caves but sometimes they don't.

5. Fighting!!!: One of the characters ends up saying "Fighting!" Or giving a fist pump and saying something that resembles Fighting!

6. F4: A group of 3-5 guys who usually have special talents and are just all around awesome, and hot. Can't forget hot.
7. Sleeping in the same room: The main guy and girl end up sleeping in the same room/bed. Sometimes awkward, sometimes not.
This one was funny
8. Wrist grabbing: The main guy grabs the wrist of the main girl or visa versa. They do this to stop the other character from leaving.
9. Awkward Bathroom Scene: For some reason every drama has a scene where two of the characters are in the bathroom for an awkward conversation or an awkward encounter. 
10. Epic "U-Turn" of Decision Making/Driving in a Car Flashback Scene!!!!: At some point in the drama, while driving in a car, we get flashbacks that change a character's mind and force them to make an "Epic U-Turn"!!! For the boys, they're usually driving the car but girls are most likely in the back of a taxi. "Ajusshi, turn around!"
This was courtesy of Icefaery2030
11. A park scene or a park meeting place. Or both! Where the couple goes and shares some sort of moment with one another. It's very sweet. <3
Note: we did not make this list to criticize the dramas, but rather to show our affection for them because let's be honest, these are the things which make Korean Dramas great!

Bonus Points!

1. More than one drunk scene: There always has to be one drunk scene in a Korean Drama, the more drunk scenes they have the funnier it gets and the more they have the more KDrama points they earn.
2. Girl gives guy a piggyback ride: When there is more than one drunk scene it usually means that the guy gets drunk at least once and when the guy is drunk, the girl has to carry him home. Way to be strong girls!!!
3. Wedding scene:  One of the characters envisions a wedding scene between the two main characters/the main characters get married. I'm pretty sure there is a wedding scene of some sort in every KD but I put this on the bonus list just in case I am mistaken.
4. InHee: In Personal Taste there's this evil girl named InHee; she pushed the plot along by creating conflict between the main guy and girl, which seems to be necessary, I guess. In addition to the bad guy in the dramas there is a girl similar to InHee and instead of remembering all of the evil girl's names, F4fighting! and I have just started called them all InHee (though after watching Rooftop Prince I'm inclined to call them all SeNa). There isn't an InHee in every drama but there is someone like her in most, and we always hate her.

5. Trip to the hospital: The characters, usually the two main, go to the hospital over something trivial, like a bloody nose, or a paper cut.
6. Phones: All the characters have the same phone!!! In Playful Kiss they all had the same phone, IN Personal Taste, in Rooftop Prince they all had the same phone. Every character in the dramas has to have the same phone.
7. Awkward Hugs: Someone is given a hug and all they do is stand there with their arms to their sides. Maybe they aren't allowed to return the hug so they just awkwardly stay still until the other person lets go...
So awkward...
8. Big Dangly Phone Things: I don't know what their fetish is with these big items that you can attach to your phone but at least one person has one in every drama. Even Vampire Prosecutor had one.
9. Han River Scene: Nothing good ever happens at the Han River so when one character needs to break terrible news to another character, the Han River seems like the place to do it.

10. Shower Scene: Usually the lead guy has a scene where he is in the shower brooding over something because you know it's just so relevant to the plot. Not that I'm complaining cause it's usually one of best parts in the drama.
Totally necessary
11. Massive Truck of Doom!!!!!!!! This can be used when the plot has become so complicated the writers can't figure out what to do next. Let's remove this character by hitting them with a garbage truck or a semi. Sometimes this can be a very effective plot pusher, i.e. Shut up: Flower Boy Band, other times this is the cause of many eyerollings, cougheveryotherdramaouttherecough. While Garbage trucks and semis are most common; vans, small cars, and motorcycles are also notorious for trying to hit people.


  1. You forgot Driving in the Car flashback scene. Usually the guy (since the girls are too poor to own cars) is driving somewhere and has to think about all the stuff that happened to him before suddenly making a u-turn (literally and figuratively)

    1. Wow! So true!! Right in the middle of traffic usually too ;) AND he probably head his little bluetooth phone thing in his ear at the same time...We'll add it to the list. Thanks!

    2. Totally adding that to the list!!! Thanks!

  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/SoYouWantTo/WriteAKoreanDrama

    I thought that you might like this page and it might add a couple of things onto your list..... you at least have to add that the main guy in the show is always a jerk with a heart of gold.....

  3. What about a park scene? I can't think of one drama that doesn't have some park(ish)area where they have a super cute scene for the couple.

  4. in alot of them they also go see a person to tell the future or there love life,

  5. Ok seriously!! What show does the 2 photo come from?? 😍😍 I want to see those people act together so badly

  6. @Mays Jasim: #2 looks like it's from Heartstrings.

    I'm coming very late to this party but I just have to add the truck scene (usually a garbage truck) that takes out a character, major or minor, because the plot has just become too complicated. Deus ex truck!