Wednesday, December 19, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 9

KPop Challenge Day 9:

Favorite KPop Lyric(And Translation):
I am such a superholic and I always try singing and dancing along with them. This lyric section is the one I know best in Superman and I love it!!

주저하지마 애써 외면 하지마이미 
취해버린 그댄 슈퍼 홀릭
노랠 볼러 봐 이젠 춤을 따라해같이 
신나게 얼씨구절씨구
Jujeohajima aeseo wimyeon hajima
imi chwihaebeorin keudaen superholic
noraeul bolleo bwa ijen chumeul ddarahae
kachi shinake eoshigu cheolshigu
Don’t be disappointed, don’t judge/betray us you have already 
become drunk by the super holic
Try singing the song, and now even follow the dance
Let’s get excited together

F4fighting: This one was really hard for me. I think a lot of Korean phrases are so elegant and I love hearing them speak or sing anything. As it turns out, I tend to associate beautiful voices or phrases with beautiful meaning. That is not always true. For example, whenever Kyuhyun opens his mouth, I automatically believe it is symbolic because it's gorgeous. But sometimes he is just simply making a fantastic noise that means nothing. Or in B1A4's Tried to Walk at 1:06, Jinyoung says, "I'll be leaving first." in Korean and it's sounds so beyond beautiful, but just that phrase doesn't actually mean too much all out of context like that. So can a lyric be my favorite simply because it is sung exquisitely, not because of what it actually means? I don't know. I also love some songs because they do have deep meaning, but I wouldn't peg those as my favorite lyrics. *sigh* So, to wrap up that nonsensical sob story, a classic lyrical line in both English and Korean everyone should know is... Hangul: "름을 가르고 다가온 G-DRAGON!" Romanized: "Gureumeul gareugo dagaon G-Dragon!" Rough English: "The clouds separated to reveal G-Dragon!"

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