Sunday, December 16, 2012

Invite me...

Lee Seung Gi has cranked out another music video. This one is just of him being positively adorable. So cute. Lee Seung Gi, we love you so much. Why so cute? This song is entitled "Invite", I have no idea what it is about cause the music video is just him being lovable but it's a pretty song. Everyone should watch it.
I'm having difficulty getting the music video to work so here is the link to view it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh. This is like 4 sold minutes of Lee Seung Gi being the cutest man alive. Oh my, wow. Lee Seung Gi fans everywhere will love this. I certainly did. He just just has one of those smiles...and faces...and And that is what this video is full of. I love him.