Thursday, December 6, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 3

30 Day KPop Challenge Day 3:
Your Favorite Song by Your Favorite Group: This was a really difficult one cause I hate picking favorites, so I decided to look at the play count on iTunes and the most played song must be my favorite one. Super Junior's Mr. Simple was the most played followed very closely by Super Junior's Superman and SHINee's Lucifer. So Mr. Simple it is!! As this was the first KPop song I ever heard, it only seems fitting that it's my most played one and therefor my favorite. Sorry SHINee, you lost by about ten plays.

F4fighting approved!
If I use the same philosophy as dramajunkie, then my favorite kpop song is Knock Out (or as I like to call it Ppeogigayo) by T.O.P and GD!!! Which just might be a true statement, however, when I first started to love kpop, I didn't have iTunes, therefore I used Youtube for countless hours of Super Junior's Mr. Simple and Bonamana (and SHINee's Replay). So, I don't know which of these songs is my favorite song, if any of them. Usually, my favorite song changes a lot. Like when I hear a new song or find a new group. However, I consider Mr. Simple the foundation of all kpop and everyone needs to hear that song. But, Ppeogigayo is pure genius. Each song I have mention is a classic (among many others). So I'll just post them all for you...except Mr. Simple because dramajunkie already did that...

Super Junior-Bonamana

TOP&GD-Knock Out
(not sure where the real mv is, sorry)


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