Thursday, December 13, 2012

Onew Oppa!!!!!

Today is Lee Jinki's (aka Onew) birthday!!!!!! The chicken loving leader of SHINee is turning 23 today! Happy birthday to, who I think is, one of the most talented singers in KPop. I absolutely love the Onew Condition *facepalm* Onew, you're so cute with your awkwardness. Onew loves to sleep, his nickname is Dubu (tofu), he is almost always smiling and trying to make the other members laugh (this is where is Onew Condition comes into play). Out of all the SHINee members, Onew trained the longest. While he was training, Onew's manager was worried because Onew was so clumsy. Bless this beautiful boy's soul, I love him. Happy Birthday Onew!!! Saranghae! (I have no idea if he really plays the Accordion, but it was a super cute picture)

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  1. That's my Onew Oppa. Always so smiley and happy and laughing. You can't watch a SHINee video, see him, and not burst into a grin!!! It's impossible. Happy Birthday, Onew!!!!!!!!!!! You are TOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!