Tuesday, January 1, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 15

KPop Challenge Day 15:

Your Favorite Cover of an American Song by a Kpop Artist:

Another tie for this question. Ryeowook's Move Like Jagger vs. Minho's Oh My Gosh.
Minho awesome, but he knows he's hot so Oh My Gosh is not something that shocked me. It was hot, but I wasn't speechless. When F4fighting! and I first found Ryeowook's moves Like Jagger, we watched it with our mouths wide open. Ryeowook was always innocent and cute in our eyes. We didn't know him to be sexy so when we were watching Ryeowook play with a little kid and a Youtuber wrote a comment suggesting we check out Ryeowook's Moves Like Jagger, we were shocked, then we replayed it. Then F4fighting! and I decided that we had to find the perfect version of him singing it, and I think we found it.

F4fighting!: So, I love this following video for a completely different concept then the one dramajunkie has mentioned above. Now, first of all I want to get something clear, not that I don't love Changmin because I do, BUT it's like he doesn't exist to me in this video because I absolutely LOVE Kyuhyun! Okay, the reason I love this performance is: Imagine you were that girl. Imagine Kyuhyun singing to you in a language you understand that you are the most amazing girl in the world just the way you are. Imagine he kneels before and holds your hand. Imagine his perfect voice meant only for you. Imagine his arms completely encompassing you in a massive bearhug of LOVE!!! This would be a DreamComeTrue. 

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