Friday, January 18, 2013

Kpop Challenge Day 20

KPop Challenge Day 20:

Favorite Main Dancer:

I think that there are a lot of incredibly talented dancers in Kpop. Eunhyuk has a great hip-hop style, Kevin dances like a girl way better than I could ever dream to, Taeyang's dancing comes straight from his soul, all of 2PM are incredibly acrobatic, Infinite's Scorpion Dance is insane, and GD can make everyone feel like complete idiots with his simple yet so incredibly difficult dance moves. Taemin, however, exudes talent when it comes to dancing.
Don't get me wrong, all of these dancers are incredibly talented but, Taemin, hands down, wins this contest. This boy is my favorite dancer. He is incredible. It's like he has music running through his veins rather than blood; it's so embedded in his soul and his being that I don't think he could live without dancing. Like if you took dancing away from him, I don't think he'd survive cause it's as vital to him and breathing is. I've never seen a dancer so in-tune with music. I don't know how he does it but his movements are so crisp and sharp yet still seem flawless, complex, and completely effortless. He was born to dance. That is his purpose and he is doing it very well. He is so quick and rhythmic. Honestly, how is he so amazing? And I love how he is super shy and cute but when he dances he's all powerful, confident, and, frankly, extremely hot. I'm pretty sure he eats, sleeps, drinks, loves, and lives for dancing. All the members of SHINee are amazing dancers but I think Taemin has become way better than any of them, even Key, could ever be. He really is amazing and out-dances every other person on stage with him. Way to be the best dancer out there, Taemin. So musically talented, I can't get over it. Or him, I can't get over him either.

F4fighting!: How can I even try to talk after that gorgeous poem of truthful praise? Taemin is a dancing god. To dramajunkie's words I pay tribute with a solid and well placed, amen.

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