Thursday, January 24, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 22

KPop Challenge Post 22:

Favorite Maknae:

Taeminnie!!! He's so cute and still just a child so some of the things he does make me laugh. He's an amazing dancer and that's all I'm going to say about him cause I've already gone on a Taemin fangirl rant see Day 20.

F4fighting!: Haha, Taemin!! You just try to beat Kyuhyun!! My favorite maknae has a heart of Evil, and a gorgeous smirk to boot! I completely adore the Super Junior Maknae and love the way he treats his hyungs!! I could talk about him for hours....but I already have!! *see just about every post I've ever made*   Together Kyuie and Taemin could take over the world!!! Kyuie being Prez and Taemin Vice Prez, of course ;) But seriously, two greatest maknaes ever!!!

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