Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Drama Review

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band:

Eye Candy is a teenage band consisting of six members:
Joo Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki):
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist, composer
The insane, wild, lonely, and sad eyed leader of Eye Candy is best known for being purely crazy.

Kwon Ji Hyuk(Sung Joon):
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
Byung Hee's best friend, cold, distant, and a monster in a fight.

Lee Hyun Soo(Infinite's L/Kim Myung Soo):
Position: Guitarist
AKA the Ice Prince, Hyun Soo never smiles(but the few times he does smile make you realize just how handsome Myung Soo really is), has a sister who is very sick, also great in a fight.

Jang Do Il(Lee Hyun Jae):
Position: Drummer
Son of a gang leader, quiet, mysterious, extremely intelligent, usually the voice of reason in the band, and he is the only one who semi understands Ji Hyuk's logic. Great in a fight.

Seo Kyung Jong(Kim Min Seok):
Position: Keyboardist, assumed Maknae(though it's never really stated)
From Busan, the pseudo maknae of the group, tries to keep the peace when Ha Jin fights with others, but he isn't against joining in on the fight.

Kim Ha Jin(Yoo Min Kyu):
Position: Bassist
Play boy, play boy, play boy, hot tempered, good with the ladies, and vicious in a fight.

These six boys want nothing more than to keep playing music and having fun, AKA making trouble, and Leader Byung Hee wants the band to perform on a rock stage at a Battle of the Bands competition; but when the band gets transferred to a high end school and end up getting in a war with Strawberry Fields, the resident band, Byung Hee accidentally ends up dead and their music gains a deeper meaning than just fun. Ji Hyuk takes on the role of Leader and Eye Candy decides to make Byung Hee's final dream come true.

Heartfelt, full of teenage angst, the meaning of friendship, and finding what you're meant to do and where you belong in this world. This drama is wonderful. You'll fall in love with the characters, go through the pain they go through, and feel the love that have for each other.  I loved every character, except Woo Kyung but I got used to her, and went through their troubles with them. The boys are so cute when they are all together and getting along!!!!!!!!!! I'm truly a huge sucker for bromance, and I love when friends are in each other's company and having a good time. I'm definitely a sucker for good friendships.

Truly a heartfelt drama, I loved every second of it. I really liked how the last episode didn't resolve everything. Everyone wasn't perfect, they still had a lot of growing to do, their paths weren't clear and they were still searching for answers. This drama shows that, if you do it the right way, everything doesn't have to be quickly wrapped up, you can leave some loose ends and it will still be great.

Though I loved every second of this drama and I've never felt more satisfied with an ending and a drama as a whole, it isn't my favorite and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why; then F4fighting! told me that while she loved the characters, she didn't LOVE the characters and I think that was the problem with me. I loved the characters to death, but I never became obsessed with them like I do in most dramas. You're Beautiful had Jeremy, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had MiHo, SungKyunKwan Scandal had Goo Yong Ha, City Hunter had Prosecutor Kim. I loved all those characters to the point where I was giddy when they came on screen, but I didn't feel that way with anyone in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. I think that exceptionally lovable characters help hide plot flaws and while SUFLB didn't have too many plot flaws and I felt for every character, I never really attached to any of them. I did really like Teacher Kim at times, he had some incredibly inspiring speeches. Way to be awesome, Teacher Kim.

Rating: 9/10

Memorable Moment:

Episode 3:

Shortly after Byung Hee's death, we see the remaining band members walking around town in the snow with Byung Hee's picture. Kyung Jong takes off his jacket and puts it around the picture, saying how Byung Hee hated being cold. After walking to the Pool Hall, they talk about things that Byung Hee loved to do and things he hated. The scene isn't very long but you can feel the love and loss among the boys and your heart aches cause you know their rough times without Byung Hee have only begun.

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