Monday, January 7, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 18

KPop Challenge Day 18:

 Favorite Solo Song:

F4fighting!: Most classic solo song ever goes to....*drum roll*....G-DRAGON with his death-defying HEARTBREAKER!!!! Seriously, this solo is genius. I wouldn't be giving it proper credit if I picked a different song. GD is a magician. I love the sound, the feeling, the words, the music, GD's blonde hair, his facial expressions, his sparkly clothes, and especially the crazy Heartbreaker dance (don't lie, you've totally tried it). This song is fun to dance and sing along to!! The clouds truly parted for this boys arrival!!!!
dramajunkie: YES! This is my favorite solo song! I love G-Dragon's Heartbreaker. Everything about this music video and song is a win. His beautiful blonde hair, his Heartbreaker dance (you know you have tried it, F4fighting! and i have), the clothes, the sound, the words, his howl at the beginning, his expressions. All around perfection. I loved G-Dragon's new album but none of the songs beat Heartbreaker. Always and forever number one solo song! Way to be perfect, G-Dragon.

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