Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Gu Family Book/The Writings of Nine Houses

Lee Seung Gi(King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) has been cast as the male lead in a new drama called the Gu Family Book(so punny cause Gu, in Korean, means nine and a Gumiho has nine tails). Seung Gi will be playing a half man half Gumiho who is trying to become human. Hmm, does this sound like another drama he was in? I'm super excited to watch this drama cause it puts a new twist on the whole Gumiho legend. Gumihos are usually depicted as females so to see Seung Gi playing a Gumiho will be interesting, exciting even because we'll get to see the masculine form of the Gumiho. Gumihos are known for their extreme beauty and ability to seduce men in order to eat their livers so a male Gumiho will be a fresh idea. I can't wait to see how they twist the myth to fit Lee Seung Gi! Apparently Seung Gi's character was born half Gumiho, so he is half human and wants to become completely human. Unfortunately, the writers of the drama have released that Seung Gi's character can never become completely human the so character will just strive to become as like a human as possible. The drama is supposed to be a comedy so we'll get a lot of laughs! Not much has been said about the lead female's character, who will be played by Miss A's Suzy(BIG, Dream High). This drama will take the time slot the 50 episode Horse Healer currently occupies. Network is MBC. The directer is the one who directed Secret Garden! The writer is the one who wrote Dal Ja's Spring. I will post more information as soon as they release it!!

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  1. I'm so excited because I love Lee Seung Gi!!!!! and I love a good Gumiho story!!! AND I like Suzy, I saw her in both BIG and Dream High, and she wasn't like a fantastic mind blowing actress...but I wasn't like annoyed with her either as I can say for some actresses.... So, I think it'll be good!!