Sunday, January 6, 2013

CNBLUE teasers!

CNBLUE has released all four member teasers for their Fourth Mini Album!!!! We get to see Jonghyun's teaser, Yonghwa's, Minhyuk's, and JunShin's!!! The album will come out in one week on January 14th. They are called Emotional Trailers, you'll see why. The girl at the beginning of each one is saying "I'm Sorry" the sorry is just shaped a little weird. Each of the members depict a different way to deal with a heartbreak. Yonghwa breaks down, Jungshin gets upset and then acts like it didn't happen, Minhyuk seems to be shocked, and Jonghyun seems to become hysterical. If they release more teasers I'll let you guys know, but for now enjoy these emotional boys.

1 comment:

  1. Okay Minhyuk and Junghyun like made me want to cry, they looked so heartbroken. And the hurt in Jungshin's eyes? Sad day. Yonghwa, poor lad, seemed to be in denial. What? No, she didn't leave. See, I can just reach my hand out to her and she'll come back.......