Thursday, January 3, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 16

KPop Challenge Day 16:

A Kpop Song You Never Get Tired Of:

F4fighting!: In attempts to put a different song than pretty much every song I've already mentioned in this challenge I came up with three songs, that A. I never skip B. I have not mentioned yet and C. That I love. First, Ukiss's Stop Girl! I love this song!!! It's so fun to sing along with or dance to! I can follow a lot of the Korean words too(not translate it, but I can clearly hear it)! Second, ...and I don't know if this one counts because I'm thinking of the Chinese version...Super Junior-M's Super Girl!! Now, I pick the Chinese one because Kyuie's voice is to die for in this version!! It's completely gorgeous in the Korean version, but absolutely killer in the Chinese version. So I never skip it and I shush the the whole room several times throughout the song. ;)  Lastly, DJ Doc's Run to You. I adore this song!! Every time this songs comes on I dance around the whole room and sing at the top of my lungs! And I laugh! It's just so funny!! I found it through the drama You're Beautiful and if you know the You're Beautiful boys, you'll love this video!!!!!! 

dramajunkie: I love all KPop songs but following F4fighting!'s logic, I'll have to put B1A4's Baby Goodnight. I never skip that song. I never will skip that song. Combining the Play Count on iTunes with how many times I've watched the music video and live performances this song is probably one of my most played songs. Another one I will never skip is SHINee's Love Like Oxygen. It was the third SHINee song I heard and the one that really made me start loving SHINee. But I agree with F4fighting!, I love Run to You. When it comes one, dancing time!!!!!!

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