Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Yang Yoseob!!!

Today is B2ST's Yang Yoseob's birthday! The main singer of B2ST is turning 23 today. Yoseob is incredibly talented, he can sing, dance, his hat trick is so cute, he can beatbox. He isn't the youngest of B2ST, but his baby face makes him look the youngest. Yoseob is one of the few F4fighting! and I think can pull off the blonde look. I love his dusty blonde look and I love the platinum blonde. I also think he looks great with black hair. I didn't love the red-orange color, but by no means did he look bad. I love this singer, he's one of my favorite. He has some of the best Aegyo and he can make bird sounds. Very talented!!! He's gorgeous, he knows it, he's cute, he really knows that..

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  1. I've decided Yoseob and dramajunkie are perfect for each other!! They are both adorable and small and they just look perfect together!!! dramajunkie&Yoseob Forever!!! Fighting!!!