Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Kai!

Kai, from EXO-K, is turning 19 today! EXO-K's main dancer and one of their rappers, is growing up. He is an insane dancer, very sharp yet fluid. Not gonna lie, he's amazing, but sometimes he frightens me a little bit... His rap section in Mama, yeah, I was startled the first time I saw it. Though when I saw him in Younique Unit's Maxstep, sitting on that pile of gold, with that smug expression, doing that awesome scream, my fear lessened a bit. I also think that Kai manages to appear to be super cocky, without seeming like a jerk. he's a good dancer, he knows it. He has mastered the smug "I'm awesome and I know it" look but still manages to seem humble after eh smiles and bows. How is that even possible? Way to be awesome Kai.

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