Monday, January 7, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 17

KPop Challenge Day 17:

KPop Idol With the Most Gorgeous Lips

F4fighting!: This is answered nearly without question for me with the completely gorgeous maknae of NU'EST, Ren. I remember my first exposure to Ren's beauty when NU'EST debuted with Face about a year ago. I instantly noticed that his most stunning feature is his lips. Talk about perfection, huh? The almost heart-like shape, the light pink color, the symmetry, the pouty face. Too cute for your own good, Ren.

While F4fighting! is in love with Ren's lips, I agree they are beautiful, I am in love with Sungmin's lips. I love that his upper lip is bigger than his lower lip, perfect for making some pouty faces. I have always liked his lips but i really noticed them in Super Junior's Spy. I feel the need to mention that this question was originally "Which KPop Idol has the bBst Eye Smile?" but after F4fighting! suggested changing it to Best Lips... Obviously this was the better choice.

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