Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Flower Boy Next Door first two episodes

Wow, So freaking cute. Simply adorable!!! I haven't been this excited for a drama since Faith and I think I'm gonna love this one. So cute. I loved Park Shin Hye in You're Beautiful and I liked her in Heartstrings/You've Fallen For Me, and I think she's super cute in this one. Probably one of my favorite actresses because of how funny she is. She's really good at playing the "spacey" characters without making it seem like that's the only type of character she can play. Some actors and actresses seem like they can only play one type of role but Park Shin Hye is versatile; she can play the innocent girl, the backstabbing girl, the best friend, random person on a bus, stuck up. She's great. When I first heard that she was going to star in Flower Boy Next Door, I was super excited! Though I love her, I wasn't a fan of the last drama I saw her in which was Heartstrings.

Alright, after the first two episodes, here's my impression. LOVE IT!!!!!!! The songs sound fairytale like, the story looks super cute, I love the cast (I know I'll hate the second lead female but whatever). The lead male, Enrique Geum, is like a nine year old on three Monsters, four cups of Coffee, and a RedBull. I LOVE him!! He's super talkative when the mood hits him right. He's so funny, doesn't seem to think things through before acting. He's smart, extremely random, his facial expressions are priceless, and he has a smile that literally makes those around him smile back. When I first heard he was in it and I looked him up I thought he was pretty but not incredible, and then he smiled, he is seriously gorgeous. I'm seriously having trouble getting enough of him.

Park Shin Hye is super cute, hilariously introverted, and pretty in this almost hobo-ish kind of way. She doesn't venture out of her house, her hair is a mess, her clothes are always rumpled, she is completely charming. I love her. I spent the first two episodes just grinning. I have not smiled so much in the first two episodes of a drama since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
I already feel bad for the second lead male, Oh Jin Rak, because he has no chance against this guy. Yes, Enrique will be pushy and they will have problems, but you become so intrigued by him that I feel truly sorry for Jin Roak, he has no chance against this guy and he's gonna be heartbroken. Poor boy, his face lights up when he sees her, he talks so kindly of her, has noticed her for three years but knows she startles easily so he doesn't want to say he's in love with her. He isn't forward like Enrique so she probably will never know of his love. Oh, break my heart, poor lad.
The other three guys we haven't really gotten to know but one has a funny personality, the other is Japanese (also a contagious smile), and the other does seem perfect. I love Watanabe when he practices Korean, cause I see myself when I'm practicing. And he has a great smile...
I'm super excited for the next episode, can't wait to watch it!!! Such beautiful boys, super funny, and way quirky.

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