Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kangin!!

Happy Birthday to Super Junior's Kangin!! Today he turns 28. Wow, Super Junior is so grown up. Kangin has already returned from his mandatory army service and his return was received very well. Kangin was one of the top three most popular members of Super Junior before he served and I think that since his return, he still takes a seat in the top three most popular. Kangin is not our most favorite member of Super Junior, I think he might even be our least favorite member, F4fighting! might correct me on this (by least favorite I mean, out of our top 13 favorite Super Junior members, cause we love all of Super Junior, he is number 13), but that's because we weren't introduced to Super Junior before he left. We never really got to know him so his return wasn't as big a thing for us as it was for others.
We did however like him in Pinup Boys. He holds a special place in our hearts and we're glad that he's in Super Junior.

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  1. Yeah...I am not really a Kangin fan... I don't necessarily dislike's just virtually every other SuJu member is better...well except for Hangeng, but he's not really SuJu anymore so he doesn't count so Kangin is number 12...anyway...I do still love Kangin!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!