Monday, January 7, 2013

Breakin Me Down

It is out!!! Super Junior-M's music vide for Break Down! I would have posted it last night but of course it came out half an hour after I went to bed and then I had school so here it is now. Better a little late than never. Break Down here're my thoughts on this video and song. I like the look of it. I love the colors in the garage styled stage; the costumes, loved the feathers, and the lighting makes it look hazy and almost dirty, I like it. I like the very techo feel of the song. The dance is great, fits the song incredibly well.  I loved the dance section in the middle. The only things I didn't like about this music video were Siwon's furry hat, did not work for him, very strange looking. And Kyuhyun's boots with his peach-red colored pants. I thought the pants looked fine but the boots made it look like something I'd see a girl wearing at my school. Tennis shoes would have worked, so would short combat boots, Vans, heck, the boots that Zhou Mi was wearing would have worked, but the riding boots and colored skinny jeans is a girl look. Maybe I'm alone in thinking this, maybe it's because I saw a girl wearing an outfit very similar at school today, but I wasn't wild about the boots. Kyuhyun, I don't love you any less, and I know you didn't get to pick your outfit, but the stylist should be slapped. 

First of all, I though everyone's hair and accessories were fantastic and way better than some of the Sexy, Free and Single collar things...inlcuding Siwon's hat!!! Loved it!!! Second, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? That was some excessive digging at Kyuie's outfit!!! I think it was an odd choice of things to be super nit picky about...and also, I don't think they were boots all the up his knee. Pretty sure they went to his ankle then either his pants were two colors or it was some sock thing...either way, I liked it!! He looked hot And any critique you may have was totally canceled out and made up by him at 2:35 anyway!!! Phew!! That was really amazing...
I thought the dance and the feather outfits seemed to fit really well, so high five to the stylist. I liked how they were all doing the dance together, but they would face different ways and other things to kinda brake it up. I also love the Mandarin part right before they say "Break Down" I think it's beautiful. Overall I thought they did really well!! Super Junior-M fighting!


  1. I would like to re-emphasize how much I love everyone's hair in this mv...and also, I swear I've seem them do that shuffley back and forth step before while moving their hands like that hmmm...

  2. I'm not saying that the boot made him any less hot. Kyuhyun is hot, I will readily admit that, but the boots did go up to his knees and I wasn't a fan of them. No my critique is not canceled out just because his voice is gorgeous, he is gorgeous and all around amazing. I just didn't like the boots. if they had been on Ryeowook, still wouldn't have liked them. Sungmin? Still no. Zhou Mi, still not. That is just my opinion. And I also love all their hair, all the colors look great and they fit with the set and clothing choices.
    P.S. We have totally seen them do that move... Hmm, where have we seen that? Maybe a couple of other songs?