Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 19!!!!!!!!!!

KPop Challenge 19: 

Favorite Main Vocal: 

This may come as a shock...but I choose....*drumroll*.... KYUHYUN of Super Junior!!! ;) He does share the title of lead singer with Wookie, Yesung and Minnie... but it doesn't matter!!! When he sings I feel warmed. His voice is so charming and penetrates my heart ever time. I love Kyuie's voice and he is my bias because he is my favorite singer, therefore he is my favorite main vocal!! Love you forever, Kyuhyun!! #favmaknae 

I don't like picking favorites, so I had a lot of trouble with this one. Honestly, Onew and Ryeowook battled this category out for a while. I love Ryeowook, and I love his voice, but I also love Onew and I think his voice is beautiful. After watching Onew sing "Forever More" and Ryeowook sing "Honesty" about a million times, I finally gave this title to Ryeowook. Sorry Onew, if you had sung "Honesty", I might have given it to you. Ryeowook si so talented and Billy Joel is my all time favorite singer so when I saw Ryeowook singing "Honesty" I about died. But you all should seriously listen to Onew's "Forever More". I think he has a broader vocal range than Ryeowook, but I still pick Ryeowook...

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