Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sprout Daddies

I want that headband... I want one of the boys attached to that headband, 
but the headband is more likely...

If you've never seen the B1A4 Bean Sprout Dance, then you are seriously missing out. These boys have taken aegyo to the next level. Have you seen a cuter dance? No, I think not. I find myself spontaneously jumping into the sprout dance at any given moment. I have not been inclined to dance the Upgraded Sprout Dance yet, but you never know when it might hit me. These boys are famous for their Sprout dancing. They even use it in some music videos (Beautiful Target - check out Baro & CNU at 3:00). 
This classic dance is a Noona killer and certainly a great move for parties. Sprout Daddies Fighting!! Kyupta!!

Grow, Sprouts, Grow!
Original Bean Sprout Dance

Upgraded Sprout Dance
You need to mentally prepare yourself for this one ;)
Brace yourself for the awesomeness of it!

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