Monday, May 6, 2013

Comeback When You Hear This Song

Well 2PM has released their Music Video! I really liked this music video, like a lot! I loved that each character represented one of the Seven Deadly Sins. That was clever of them. The girl was Pride, Chansung was Lust, Nichkhun Greed, Wooyoung Sloth, Junho Glutteny, Jun.K was Wrath, and Taecyeon was Envy. Yes I liked this song and Music Video very much. I don't actually have anything else to say about the video or the song except. Did you see how hot Wooyoung looked? Nichkhun is my bias in this group but, wow, way to look incredibly attractive, Wooyoung.

f4fighting!: I took some huge deadly pride in my Wooyoung bias in this video. Holy cow was he HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved his clothes, his hair, his voice his face, his make-up, his slothfulness, and his dancing!! Struggling to breathe just thinking about it. I thought the song was gorgeous, especially Wooyoung's parts ;)and I loved the plot and the dancing. It was beautiful!! I loved the bleachers/stairs choreography, I thought it was very clever. I also enjoyed the spinning, bending and the motions they did with their hands and arms like clapping, reaching into the air and opening/closing their fists. I have this thing for attractive limbs...and this dance showed Wooyoung's limbs off very well...I also loved the way that everyone put their own twists on each move, it wasn't exactly set how everyone had to do the step. And if you didn't laugh at Wooyoung singing along with Taecyeon at 2:56, watch it again. Thank you, 2PM and JYP!

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