Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gu Family Book Half Way Mark

We have had 12 out of 24 episodes for Gu Family Book so it is officially the half way mark and time to do a quick plot update, character developments, and a few thoughts about the drama and characters.

I do like this drama but I'm a little surprised by how slow news travels. Seriously, Chung Jo just found out that her mother is dead? She died in episode 3... Tae Seo just found out that Chung Jo is a Giseang? She was sold as a government slave in, oh, episode 3... *sigh* Just a little ridiculous, I think. I really like the filming in this drama but I do find myself wondering why they pan around one character for a minute and then switch angles and leave the camera on that same character for another minute, and then switch angles yet again while nothing is being said. I think they take just a hair too long with deep meaningful shots. A very small complaint. Very small cause I still love the filming and directing. There's some pretty major plot errors but I'm going to ignore them... *coughTaeSeo'sStupidSpellWithNoRulescough* -.-'

Kang Chi: Slowly, he is being more human. The process has just started, literally, and the key factor is Yeo Wool. The main difference between Kang Chi and his father, Wol Ryung, was the person who loved them. Yeo Wool has seen Kang Chi's dark side and continues to stay by his side no matter and she is slowly humanizing him. Wol Ryung's love, Seo Hwa, completely betrayed him once she learned of his Gumiho side. Poor Kang Chi is having problem after problem and betrayal after betrayal so he needs someone to hold tight to his hand and always be there for him; Yeo Wool is that person. Kang Chi has found out that Yeo Wool is in fact a girl and though he treats her exactly the same, even continuing to call her Master Dam, his actions have become slightly more playful and flirty with her. But I don't think that he is becoming human because she is a girl and he's growing to love her. I think Kang Chi could be tamed even if he continued to think Yeo Wool was a boy because all he needs is someone to stand by him. I'd even go as far as to say that Tae Seo could have tamed him if he had stayed by his side. Kang Chi only needs support. Kang Chi is also becoming more mature. He started the drama off with a careless nature but he has faced trials and is coming out of them a slightly stronger person. Does he have a long way to go? Oh yes, but he is getting there and I love seeing character development.

Yeo Wool: Ah, Yeo Wool is wise beyond her years. There is a brain in that pretty little heard and it is so refreshing to see a heroine use her brain. She doesn't act rashly, she thinks everything through and has motive behind every action even if no one knows what her motive is. She will turn Kang Chi human and no matter what she will stand by his side. I'm not too worried about what will happen when Kang Chi finds out that Yeo Wool's father killed his father, but not so worried that it keeps me up at night. Yeo Wool is a breath of fresh air and I love the scenes where she and Kang Chi are together. I don't care about the romance aspect, that's a lie I totally do, but I really love watching them interact and joke around with each other. Yeo Wool and Kang Chi developed a friend relationship that is growing into love but they aren't awkward around each other which is partially due to Yeo Wool's forward nature. Way to not be a 'side on the side mope around' lead girl! You go girl! Be strong! Stay completely awesome!!! Tame that divine creature!

Kwan Woong: Ugh. This guy seriously needs to die. Like seriously needs to die. Give me a knife, sword, bow and arrow, gun. Let me kill him. Creepy, gross, repulsive. *shudder* His whole manner just sends shivers down my spine* But that means that the actor is doing a fantastic job, which he is, even if I wish him dead. Yuck. Bad guy. Die.

Tae Seo: Oh, Tae Seo... I feel so bad for him, but then again, I don't. I know he is trying to protect Chung Jo, and I know that he is under a spell via Kwan Woong, but stop! It kills me that he's making all the wrong choices and the results are horrible. So, so bad. Is it bad that I wish him dead so bad things will stop happening? Where is Song Joong Ki when you need Park Yeon Seok's throat ripped out? I do feel bad for wishing him dead, but so many of the problems are his fault.

Chung Jo: I feel so sorry for this character cause her life sucks; it really sucks. She's forced to be a Giseang, forced to sleep with the man who killed her father and mother in order to save her brother, which probably won't work, he's gonna die cause Kwan Woong is evil and cannot be trusted!!!!! The similarities between Chung Jo and Seo Hwa, at times, are a little repetitive but there was something painfully haunting about the way she finds out about Kang Chi being a Gumiho and the way she reacted. I hope her life improves, but now she has found the will to live. Mostly.

Gon: I love this guy so much. Gon, you are a man of very few words but your facial expressions and reactions get me every time! I love it! You just keep being tall, dark, silent, and so funny!

Unnamed Obviously Evil Woman: We only know that she is the wife if a nobleman but as soon as she coms into town, bad news is about to happen.

Wol Ryung: Oh yeah, you read that right, typing this was not a mistake. HECK. YES!!!! Wol Ryung. Is. Back. That is all I'm going to say about him. :D

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