Friday, January 10, 2014

The Prime Minister and I, half way mark

This drama is cute. I don't necessarily love it, but I think it's cute. Like any half way point in a drama, we get people admitting their feelings and problems building up. Will this drama continue to be cute and funny? Probably, but I have the feeling that the conflict is going to be stretched a little to far. There are a few conflicts going on that I think can become a little frivolous. I'm not going to expound on them incase someone reads this hasn't seen the drama yet and I don't want to spoil anything. I can see this drama turning one of two ways with the whole Marriage Contract thing. One: They going a You're Beautiful route and very few people find out about it and it remains a secret by the end of the drama (slightly unlikely, relatively no mess). Or two: the whole press finds out and the world ends (more likely, very big mess). I don't care which way they go cause I'll still watch it.
Hopefully, this drama stays cute and light with lots of humor. I'm not a big fan of Yoona, nor do I like Yoon Shi Yoon playing the angst-filled side character, but the drama has remained light enough even though it's not particularly captivating. We shall see how the second half of the drama shapes up to be.

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