Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi!

Lee Seung Gi!!! Today Lee Seung Gi is turning 27. F4fighting! and I love Lee Seung Gi. We loved him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. We loved him in King 2 Hearts. He mad a cute Gumiho in Gu Family Book. He's going to be in another drama soonish where he plays a cop. Lee Seung Gi is good at playing the hero that has the looks but is kind of a wuss and by the end of the drama he shapes up to be a pretty great guy but every one of his roles are different. He can always bring something new to the field rather than being a cut out each drama he's in. I love it! Lee Seung Gi is so special that he is in the Corner of Sharing. He must be shared, his awesomeness needs to be shared. He has a great voice and he's funny. He's just all around sweet. He is currently doing a show called Noonas Before Flowers and while I'm not watching it, I'm hearing that he's just adorable and his heart is in the right place though he often messes up. :)

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