Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Me Right - EXO MV

Love Me Right is out!
First thing I noticed. Where's Tao? He's not my favorite member but I had a warm fondness for him. Is he no longer in the group or is he just injured? I really hope he's still a member. :(
Second thing; Box set again. Man, I had hoped we'd get some sort of plot when the teaser showed something other than dancing. Like why are Chen and Xiumin in the woods? Why is Xiumin on the ground with Chen slapping his face? Are Kai and Chanyeol playing video games? If so, why is Kai pushing Chanyeol? That's just rude. What is Xiumin making with his gas mask and vials? Drugs? Why is Sehun laying in the middle of trAintracks, seems dangerous. Does this have something to do with he and Kai spray painting the wall? Answers, SM! Let's give them a real MV with a plot for once. Or at least an attempt at a plot. They did dance in a football field so I guess you could argue that SM gave them something other than a box to dance in. I guess. But as always, they're great as dancing. Looking forward to the live version.
The song reminded me of Call Me Baby, similar style though Love Me Right had a more big band feel to it. I'll probably like it more the more I listen to it, like with Call Me Baby. I am desperately hoping SM releases Tell Me What is Love as a full version with this repackage album. Fans are begging for it! Please! Make it happen!!!!

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