Monday, June 1, 2015

BigBang - Bang Bang, Bang MV

BigBang came out with another MV. Are they trying to make-up for the fact that we haven't had a new MV from BigBang as a group for 3 years? Cause I am not buying it. Okay, maybe I am a little...
I feel like my first reaction to any current BigBang MV (that includes solo videos) is... What did I just watch? This video is the same. It reminded me a little of Bad Boy, with the head-banging, clubbing sound, type style. Like how would you dance to this? Thrashing and head banging. Yikes. TOP, what are you wearing on your head? Is that one of the British Royal Guard hats? Did the guard move when you stole it from his head? GD has already changed his hair color and style. That was fast. Daesung, please cut your hair. I like your eyes, when I can see them. Please cut your hair. I have nothing negative to say about Seungri and Taeyang. Seungri still looks fantastic with blonde hair and Taeyang looks surprisingly good with hot pink hair. Granted GD also looks good with red hair.
The song was actually pretty catchy, not that I'll be loading it onto my phone and blasting it everywhere I drive, but for how choppy and mashed together it was I liked it.
The MV is like every other BigBang MV, just sit and watch, don't think too hard cause you might hurt yourself (atlas, I would hurt myself). But Taeyang, you will give yourself whiplash if you let your head bounce all over the place in that car. Just be careful. I also don't know who Parris Goebel is but I guess she's the lady on the chain in GD's solo scene...

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