Monday, July 6, 2015

Infinite is back and Bad

Well maybe they're Bad. Infinite MV always crack me up cause they seem so serious. I love it.I know they're probably not trying to be funny with their seriousness but I cant' help but giggle slightly. But they are coming back with a new MV; Bad. The teaser doesn't tell us much of the song, but I feel like Last Romeo's teaser was the same.  In fact, this teaser reminded me of Last Romeo. A member running through an oddly light set, a girl, Dongwoo with eyeliner. Anyone else see this? No? Okay. Similarities aside, July 13th is when we will get the new Infinite MV. I'm excited. I love Infinite. Though it does look like Sungkyu and another member are playing an epic game of tag and Sungkyu is about to be "it".

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