Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beast has Gotta Go To Work

Yoseop is platinum blonde again!!! Yes! I love Yoseop when he's blonde. Silver blonde, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, black. Yep. Love blonde on him, and black.
This was a really cute video! I loved it! Cute song, cute graphics, cute idea. So. Much. Cute. And If I have read correctly, this isn't even the actual comeback, the 27th is! So we'll get two songs and MVs from Beast! Such a cute video. The whole idea just makes me giggle with pleasure. The girl doesn't want her sweetheart to leave her and go to work. He's super reluctant to go but if she wants nice things he has to make money. She still doesn't want him to go but eventually relents and he leaves. You can tell he's thinking of her all day and I loved the cup and string phones they used. After work is finally finished he sprints home and there she is, waiting for her sweetheart. I loved it!! It had a plot, simple yet fun graphics, big smiles, and we didn't need every member having their own portion of the plot to make it great. I loved Good Luck but the video made no sense. This was easy to follow and happy. :)

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