Monday, July 27, 2015

Beast YeY

Beast's MV YeY came out yesterday and I watched it last night but was too tired to post about it.
That was, um, interesting. It reminded me of Beautiful Night, in that I just didn't like it. And it reminded me of 2PM's Hands Up, in that I just didn't like it. Still love Beast, but I didn't care for this song or video. The English was rather awkward, and they didn't look natural at the club. 2PM at least looked like they belonged at a club cause they look more grown up and they weren't dressed like they forgot half their wardrobe. Do people actually wear jeans and a jacket to clubs without a shirt on?
The video just felt odd to me and I didn't really like it. On the plus side, Doojoon is a dork and I'm pretty sure he's the hyperactive child in the Beast family, shout out to 12:30 at the end of this video. And Yoseop looks fantastic in that blue leather jacket, white shirt, and light jeans; such a cutie. I do rather like it when groups have one member singing something different than the rest of the group or one member is singing different notes than the rest giving us a nice contrast and a cool sound.
I will watch the live performances to see the dance cause it looks like it could be good.

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