Monday, July 21, 2014

Back Infinite

Man I have been so out of it the past few days. Infinite's MV is out. Okay, the beginning of the song doesn't sound like an Infinite song but when the song actually gets going then it does sound Infinite-esque. The dance is very Infinite-style the video is really just a bunch of fighting to save a girl but let me just say that they are the worst rescue team ever. I once said, when Before the Dawn Instrumental came out, that they would be terrible members to have on fighting team; I stand by that. Infinite sucks at fighting. I love them and I think that they are pretty to look at and listen to. They are also really good at dancing. Fighting is not something that are good at.
Yeah, they were really just fighting to save the girl. I'm not really even sure whose girls she is. Sunggyu's girl? Or maybe L's? Maybe L's little sister and Sunggyu's girl? If I were to hang out with Infinite I would totally snuggle up on the couch with L.
And now I'm not sure if they are saying Say Me, See Me, or Save Me. I feel like Infinite was never strong at English and while I love infinite, this will be one of my least favorite songs from them.

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