Thursday, August 7, 2014

Records of a Night Watchman/The Last Night Watchman episodes one and two.

Unfortunately this drama is a little dark, as in a lack of lighting, so taking screenshots is a little difficult. Hopefully it will become a bit lighter and we will all be able to see what's going on cause these were the best screen shots I could take.
I started this drama not knowing what to expect/having poor expectations. The trailers we were given made me cringe from the cheesy special effects and the previous excitement I felt for it started dissipating. The CGI is very cheesy. Very cheesy. I had kind of hoped this drama would be like Joseon X Files but I have the feeling that it will be a little closer to Gu Family Book. As of the first two episodes I am mildly intrigued and with Trot Lovers having major writing issues I now have a Monday Tuesday watching slot open so, as usual, I will watch at least till half way through before I decided whether or not to drop the drama because the half way point is where a drama either turns for the better or worse.
So far I think that Watchman has done a pretty good job of setting up its mythical world and I think that is due to the acting rather than the directing or writing. Everyone in this drama is very serious and committed to their mystical world. I wouldn't be half as interested if the actors weren't fully onboard. I also think the music is having a good impact on the show. With this kind of a drama you can afford to have over the top and overly dramatic music without having it seem well, over the top and overly dramatic. So far I am impressed with a couple characters: Our bad guy, Kim Sung Oh(Sadam), is noticeable if only for his complete dedication to the role because his character is crazy and he is making sure everyone knows that. The other character would be the King's right-hand man, Jo Sang Heon, he is smart. He can see that something is off with the King, and he's also pretty awesome when it comes to battles.
Oh, and if you're watching this drama for Jung Il Woo then you'll have to wait two episodes to see him cause the first two are backstory; kind of like Gu Family Book and You're All Surrounded.

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