Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BTS Danger

The MV is out an I have been singing the chorus since it came out. I loved the chorus. Loved it. I wasn't as wild about the rapping, mostly on RapMon's part, but I know it will grow on me as I listen to the song. See that? I learned more than one of their names. Be proud of me I have been studying. Speaking of RapMon, I think he's going to be the Taeyang of BTS , in that, he will never change his hairstyle. What is this? Four MVs with the same style and color?
Vocally, BTS isn't the best group out there but I think they make up for that with the passionate and aggressive nature they bring to their dancing and songs. I've noticed that they use each other while dancing. Sometimes I feel like Kpop groups are nine members or five members or six members all dancing the same dance at the same time and if you took out a member or two the dance would still look fine. With BTS I've noticed that they're always jumping off of each other or onto each other, sitting and standing on each other, flipping each other.  I like how each member uses the other members to dance; it kind of reminds me of how 2PM used to be. I can't win to se the dance live, it's gonna be sick. This doesn't beat Boy in Luv for my favorite BTS song but it makes a good second. But the lyrics are awesome. Go look them up.
And V has become my favorite member followed by Jungkook, because his birthday is also my birthday; good people are born on that day. Do you think V would cut my hair? I really need a hair cut.

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