Monday, August 11, 2014

Taemin Solo album...?

I don't like the sound of that. It makes me really nervous when members get solo albums especially since SHINee recently announced that they wouldn't be having a comeback this year (pout). I don't like the idea of Taemin getting a solo album not because I don't like Taemin, cause i love him, but more because I'm worried that this will turn into another BigBang thing. I don't actually like BigBang individually I prefer them as a whole. GD is a little too out there for my taste though occasionally I do like a song from him. TOP is more rap which I would rather not listen to. I haven't heard one of Daesung's songs cause he's always promoting in Japan. I don't listen to Seungri, or Taeyang. I like hearing BigBang as a whole but we rarely get BigBang songs anymore. I'm worried that SHINee will turn out this way if SM pursues solo albums. This may just be the terrified Shawol in me but this does make me a little worried and thus I can't really be excited for this MV.
Danger comes out on August 18th. Will this be the seventh or eighth MV named Danger?

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