Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trot Lovers first two episodes

I was so happy when this drama started!!!!!!!!!
Trot Lovers has started and I wasn't entirely sure of what to expect with the description of: A stuck up genius musician helps a young woman become a Trot Singer. I am loving it. I really hope that this drama continues to be this fun and hilarious. Ji Hyun Woo's character, Jang Joon Hyun, is so petty and overdramatic; I just love it. He's so full of himself and in his mind he's a god. He's not overly intelligent but so prideful that even the smallest jab at his ego can make him do what you want; kind of reverse-psychology on a little kid to make them do something they don't want to. And his temper tantrums are so kiddish they're hilarious.

Shin Sung Rok's character is interesting. After I got over the fact that he was a crazy murderer in the last drama I saw him in, actually still trying to get over that mindset, I really just find him rather hilarious. He is odd, like really odd. I kind of hope that he really is a kleptomaniac rather than Jung Eun Ji just mistaking him as one. He's so strange and I really hope that they keep the kleptomaniac/always misplacing his stuff gag running through the whole show cause it's fantastic. The first time it happened it was funny but then he showed up with another person's phone in his pocket, misplacing his wallet, and then he lost his phone so he took Choon Hee's. I love it. Show, please keep this aspect because he's kind of adorably strange. I find it oddly endearing.

So far I think that I am going to continue to love this drama because I do like lighthearted, humorous dramas more than melos. I'd rather watch people having fun and being slightly over the top rather than watching depressing plots with outrageous decisions and actions from the characters. I really hope that the two loan sharks end up being Choi Choon Hee(Eun Ji) biggest fans and supporters. Oh, or her fashion consultants!!!! YES! The scene where Joon Hyun was burred in the ground with his head above the dirt but covered in a paper sack and Choon Hee starts singing, the two gangsters start singing and dancing while Joon Hyun jumps in as a background singer was hilarious. I was seriously laughing out loud.
Choi Choon Hee seems like a typical drama heroine. She's hard working, her life is difficult, strong love for her family. Though something about her character really fits a Trot lover's style. She seems like a girl who would love Trot music. Can't wait for her next episodes and I hope this drama keeps Joon Hyun's egomaniac style because the songs that play during his moments of self pity or anger are fantastic.
And how cute is Choon Hee's little sister?

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