Thursday, June 5, 2014

We've Got You Surrounded Half Way Point

We're at the half way point of We've Got you Surrounded! Sort of. I didn't want to wait till episodes 10 and 11 have aired so I'm just writing about it now. Surrounded is giving me more of a background story than I thought it would. I was expecting a lighthearted drama but we're getting some actual meat in this drama. Yes most of the drama is just plain old goofy but I have been surprised a couple times. The Chief working with Dae Gu surprised me cause I was expecting some side character to be his informant and the one he reports to. Tae Il was going to school to be a doctor then he switched to a detective, which wasn't super surprising or a huge twist but I'm sure we'll get some backstory on why he gave up doctoring.

I do think that Chief is a little concerned about how far Dae Gu might go for revenge and I don't blame him. He has a problem with his temper and if he can't control that then I'm worried that he might end up seriously hurting someone.
How much do I love that Gookie calls Dae Gu "Dae Gu, Dae Gu" which pretty much means Fish-Fish. I like the relationships that are growing among the four newbies, Detective Seo, and Mama Lee Eung Do.

I am happy that not only Detective Seo Pan Seok know but so does Uh Soo Sun! I knew that the second she found out she'd be nothing but kind and supportive to him. And while Detective Seo thinks he understands why Dae Gu hates him, he really has no idea yet so I'm happy that Dae Gu can have someone, Soo Sun, from his childhood to love and support him. He needs that love and she is more than willing to care for him. Not romantically, yet, but I think she'll come to love him in that way too; eventually.

So far I am really happy with this drama and how it has layer out up till now. I will be watching till the end to see how things work out.

Because the poor Puppy Lee Seung Gi was hurt during shooting, only one episode was aired this week making the total number of episodes air: 10. Lee Seung Gi was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery when he was hit in the eye by a prop knife. And I saw exactly where it could have happened!!! Puppy, it was dark, I don't think fans would have noticed if you used a double. Be careful. :( :(
So we are technically at the half way point now which means that I've decided to write just a little more about this drama and the last episode we've seen because I thought it was interesting.
We finally find out how Dark Capped Hyung Chul and Detective Seo are connected; they were partners once! I feel a little sad now cause that's just unfortunate that Hyung Chul is a bad guy. What made him turn?
Chief Kang, I've been wavering on trusting her and not trusting her for 10 episodes but now I know that she is not to be trusted. This is sad, I really wished that she was just a kind person who wanted everyone to be happy and for Dae Gu to forget his pain and forgive Detective Seo. Or I wanted her to figure out that Detective Seo was actually a good person, cause he obviously is!, and to help Dae Gu get over his suffering. Alas, none of this looks like it will come to pass. *sigh* We needed to have at least one corrupt cop in this drama. Oh well, I can deal with that because Dae Gu and Detective Seo will become best friends and they'll fight crime together and have slumber parties and exchange gossip! I can so see it happening! And Detective Seo and Kim Sa Kyung will get remarried and Dae Gu will be the best man. Okay, maybe not that far but I can see them at least becoming friends.
I feel bad cause the Puppy is hurt and I want him to get better so I almost wish that they had just cancelled episodes for this week and let him rest rather than still trying to release an episode. Let the poor Puppy heal and the viewers can wait. We don't want a tired hurt Puppy trying to work. The episode felt a little off but that's what happens when your lead actor is injured. Let the Puppy rest!

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