Monday, June 2, 2014

Quit Playing

The song is called Quit Playing/Quit Teasing. Hmm.... This video just really didn't do anything for me. I wasn't a fan of the message the video gave. I didn't like the way the members keep going after the girls even after they tell them no. To me, this video makes it seem like no matter what the girl is doing, a girl always is saying yes even if she's slapping you. I don't know about everyone but personally, if I push someone away, they keep bothering me, then I slap them, that usually means "No".  Hoon, I counted how many times that girl pushed you away. You were slapped by her twice and pushed away no less than five times. Kiseop, you were also pushed away multiple times. Yes the girls kept coming back and that also really bothers me. Yes there is the Push-and-Pull aspect going on but please decide if you're going to be coy or forward cause begin both is just dumb and I feel like it gives us girls a bad rap and also gives guys a false hope. If you bother the girl enough, even is she pushes you away and slaps you, she will eventually give in because that's what she wanted in the first place but she didn' want to seem too forward.
I know that fans are saying that if you read the lyrics of the song then you'll see that they aren't trying to portray that image but honestly, most people won't go and read the lyrics of the song before watching the MV or they won't remember the meaning of the song while they watch the video. They just won't.
New member Jun. Thank you company for keeping his parts reasonably innocent. He's only 17. Okay, technically because Korea goes by the lunar calendar he's like 19; still, he's the same age as my younger sister, the same age as members of Boyfriend so I can't help but think of him as a younger sibling type. All that being said, I think he filled the position well. He isn't Dongho, but he did a nice job for his debut. I look forward to seeing his dance abilities as well as singing abilities because U-Kiss likes to make all it's members sing at one point or another even if their position isn't listed as singer. And my upset feelings are gone now. I got over those pretty quickly after I posted their teaser pictures. Good Luck, Jun!
Now I love U-Kiss, I really do and I will continue to support them no matter what. I don't care they they haven't won any of the show competitions. They are very talented, they work very hard, and they produce great songs and that, in my opinion, is more important than popularity, but I don't feel like the song or video shows off their talent. U-Kiss has usually gone for the talent angle rather than the usual KPop boy group sexy angle. U-Kiss has some fantastic vocals. Hoon, Soohyun, Kevin, Kiseop all are great singers and I love Soohyun's power vocals. U-Kiss also has great dancers, all of them are good at dancing, and I've found that they can be very synchronized but from what I saw I didn't love the dance. I didn't even feel like the rapping was all that amazing. AJ is missing but that's not why I felt they were lacking. Stop Girl was awesome even though AJ wasn't there and I felt that Eli and Dongho really held their own with that song but I wasn't impressed with Eli and Jun.
Reading back through this I realize that my opinion could be a little harsh but I expect greatness from U-Kiss and this wasn't all that great. I really hope their next video and song is better.

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