Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good Luck

Oh man. The second Yoseop started singing. Man I about lost it. I love his voice, and Black Haired Yoseop is my second favorite version on him just barely being beat out by Blonde Yoseop. Yoseop, one day I will meet you and we will be married. One day.
I still have no idea about the plot of this video. We didn't really get to see anything other than what we were shown in the teasers cause the rest was either them dancing or solo shots, so I'm just gong to say that my original evaluation of this video remains true. I do believe that I liked the dance but with the darker set, lights, and far away shots it was a little difficult to tell; I did, however, like the song.  The beginning with Junhyung's piano piece and Yoseop's voice was beautiful and I honestly would have loved for a whole song of just those two. When Yoseop went to falsetto and the bass started rubbing, great contrast right there. Overall I liked this, but not their outfits, seriously terrible stuff there. Oh, and their English was pretty dang good. Yoseop did a great job with his English at the beginning, even pronouncing "loving" with not only a "v" but also an "ing". I find that if Kpop stars try and use the words "love" or "loving" we often hear "lub" and "lubin". Great job Yoseop, and while it took me a couple times to realize Junhyung was saying "elevator" and "ain't no cure for my disease" after I figured it out I decided that for difficult words like "elevator" and "disease" his pronunciation wasn't too shabby.
Final thought, who wears heels to bed? The first thing I take off when I enter into my house, or even a hotel room, would be my shoes. Let's be real here, and Dongwoon, if anything you should take her shoes off, not put them back on. That is all. Can't wait to see the live version of those notes Yoseop and Hyunseung hit. And the live dance.

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  1. Here's to agreeing to every comment about Yoseop. Including the one where dramajunkie and Yoseop get married. But especially about how beautiful his voice was. I really liked the song and their English was easy on the ears. Way to go, Beast.