Friday, June 13, 2014

Final teasers for Beast's Good Luck

The last three member teasers for Beast's new MV Good Luck have come out. I didn't want to post one teaser a day so I waited till all three were out so I could post them all at the same time. Junhyung's teaser, Dongwoon's teaser, and Hyunseung's teaser were the last to come out. Still not sure what the song is going to be like but we have learned that if you stab Junhyung, money pours out of him. Good to know incase you are ever short on some change.
And after watching all the teasers in order of when they came out, I have realized the story they are telling. The girl with the black heels gets rejected by Yoseop, (Yoseop, you death glare that girl!), because Yoseop knows what type of a girl she is cause she's hurt him before, so she goes back to her room, 2047, but Gikwang is in the room next door, 2046, spying on her. Creepy. Dujun wants to go into the girls room, cause she's been with him as well, but can't bring himself to do so; good thing too, Maknae Dongwoon is in the room with the black heeled girl and they are not playing an innocent game. After Dongwoon is finished in the room he feels terrible because he knows that not only Yoseop would be hurt if he found out, so would Gikwang, Dujun, and Hyunseung. And Junhyung, I don't know how he fits in, maybe the girl saw him playing the piano in Yoseop's teaser and she decided he knows too much and has to go.
We shall see if I am right on June 16th when this MV comes out.

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