Friday, June 27, 2014

Joseon Gunman first two episodes

Oh man, with so many new dramas that I want to see premiering I might have to drop one of my old ones so I'm not overwhelmed. Doctor Stranger, you better shape up or I'm dropping you like a ton of bricks.
So Dramafever was having some issues when I was taking screenshots so I could only get screenshots of the first episode, and only a some bit of it but enough for some pictures of important characters. Sorry about that. Half way point will have better/more screenshots. I promise.
I've heard that this drama is very much like The Princess' Man and if be the end of this drama people are still saying that then I will have to look into that drama. I like Saeguks. Sometimes. Joseon Gunman is listed as a Melodrama which would be a strike against it but I love Lee Joon Ki. This drama is also being compared to Iljimae which I haven't seen but I watched the Return of Iljimae and I liked that. So revenge plot, melodrama, Lee Joon Ki begin awesome. I'll look past the Melodrama title for now and focus on what could be a great drama. Already I am loving the main paring together. I love how cheeky Park Yoon Kang(Lee Joon Ki) is and how much he's enjoying teasing Soo In(nam Sang Mi) but I can't wait till the tables get turned and it's Soo In's turn to tease him and make him endlessly jealous. That will be so much fun!!!
But let's just talk about the character of Park Yoon Kang for a moment. yes he kind of acts like a flirt, and he likes to go out with his buddies. He also enjoys showing off and he wants to do things his way. Those things aside. He stepped in front of Soo In so he would take a bullet for her. That is very gentlemanlike. He doesn't really know her but he knows that she finds him a slight burden and he'd have to be dumb to not know she's annoyed by him.  But he goes right ahead and not only run into the forest with her, to protect her from getting caught wearing men's clothing, but he also steps into the direct path of a gun so she won't get hurt. He's a good guy. Cheeky, but a good guy.
Okay, Lee Joon Ki. I am huge fan of him because of how diverse he is. He can play the stiff magistrate(Arang and the Magistrate), or the driven father(Two Weeks). or the cheeky swordsman's son with an adorable crush on a cross dressing girl(Joseon Gunman). While I love the role Joon Ki is currently playing I am super excited for him to turn dark for revenge. He will loose his father, and while they have a strained relationship you can tell the two really love each other, he will loose his sister who absolutely adores him. I want to see him take the words that have been used so many times so far, "A sword cannot compete with a weapon(gun) like that", throw his broken sword away, and run with that gun.
Now I was a little worried about Nam Sang Mi was cast as a lead because, though I've never watched anything with her in it, I've heard that all the roles she plays are sad moping characters. I was a little surprised how much I liked her and I'm praying that he character stays this way and doesn't turn depressing.
Now we haven't met all the characters yet as we have no second male lead but I really like this drama so far. Drama, please don't let me down! I can see you going so far! Don't hide from Joon Ki who the villain is till twelve episodes in. Please jump into the revenge story quickly but don't make it drag forever. Maybe let him slowly figure out who is involved and have him take them down one by one till he meets the real man in charge. Make Joon Ki a fugitive, again, make his love for Soo In strong and hers likewise for him. Don't make him into a noble idiot. Okay, I know that having all of these come true would be an unreasonable expectation for a KDrama but I can hope.

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