Thursday, June 5, 2014

Doctor Stranger Half Way Point

We are half way through Doctor Stranger and I've decided that this isn't a drama to take seriously. I watch this drama and the lack of ethics from the characters just cracks me up so I now believe that this drama is taking place in a fantasy world rather than a real world. Sure, there are some doctors and hospital directors out there with skewed views and lack of morals but I'd like to believe that they don't all reside in the same hospital and if that is the case then let me know where this hospital lies and I will avoid it like the plague.
There are so many conspiracies and plots going on in this drama that I'm just going to watch and wait till the writers figure out what's actually going on cause my brain starts to hurt if I think about everything that's going on. I mean, there are conspiracies inside the conspiracies. Crazy Agent Cha, brush your hair once in a while so you don't look like a mentally insane homeless person all the time. And Prime Minister Jang is giving me whiplash with his sudden mind changing. Hoon, no, Jae Joon. Hoon, Jae Joon. Back and forth without end. Good Night, make up your mind and stick with it! I am curious to see if Agent Cha, Security Man with the Sunglasses, and the man giving Cha directions are all teaming up against evil Prime Minister Jang.

But this might be, for the first and maybe last time, I wish the lead male to end up with the second lead female. I don't know, usually second lead females are annoying and I hate them but I love Oh Soo Hyun. She has depth. She has a background, she isn't annoying. And if by some insane slightly wonderful miracle Song Jae Hee ends up actually dead and Han Seung Hee is really just some crazy Northern Spy then Oh Soo Hyun and Park Hoon need to end up together. I would have been all for Park Hoon and Jae Hee if it had just remained the two of them without the difficult to understand plot twist and death but not really a death mixture thrown in there. Hoon and Jae Hee were really cute together but then strange plot twists happened and now I actually can't stand Seung Hee/Jae Hee. She bothers me. You had better get your act together Jae Hee/Seung Hee otherwise I'm going to be on team Soo Hyun till this drama ends.

Quickly, Jae Joon's character. He is rather interesting and I'm finding myself rooting for him so he can take revenge on the Chairman. Actually, Jae Joon's plot seems to be the only one that makes sense.
The only thing keeping me invested in this drama is Lee Jong Suk. I've never watched him in anything else so he's very new to me and what he's bringing to his character is the reason I continue to watch this drama. Park Hoon is an interesting character, but he's mentally unstable and Lee Jong Suk is portraying that very well.  I almost feel like the word Doctor is a trigger word for him and he just loses it whenever he's called a doctor. As children we grow up with the idea that doctors save lives; which is true, in a sense. Park Hoon grew up with that idea but when he was taken to the North and became a "doctor" his idea of a doctor changed. I strongly believe that what happens in a person's life and the way they deal with those events shape a person and the type of person Park Hoon became was directly influenced by the things he saw and did in the North while he was trapped in the "Research Hospital". What Lee Jung Suk does so well is convincing us of his character's struggles and emotions. He's always calling himself a crazy dog and he is crazy, but Lee Jong Suk has mastered portraying Park Hoon as a crazy but pitiful and terrified character. Poor guy. And good night he looks tall. Who seriously has legs that long? I mean he's only 6'1"  and Park Hae Jin is the same height as him, but he looks so freaking tall. Maybe it's the fact that he's pretty lanky and mostly legs.
And as always in a KDrama and because this drama needs yet another twist, is Park Hoon's father still alive? If we don't see the dead body being buried then I refuse to believe that someone is actually dead and even then I'm not fully convinced.
Last thing, the lack of security at this hospital is astounding. Once again, notify me of this hospital's location and I will never step foot near it.

Whatever, Doctor Stranger is entertaining in its own way. And I will never tire of Lee Jung Suk being cheeky, winking, and doing that little tongue click.

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