Thursday, June 19, 2014

High School King of Savvy first two episodes

Ah yes! Man, do I need this. Doctor Stranger is kind of giving me a headache with everything that's going on and I needed something light and fun to make my Mondays and Tuesdays worth it and this might be just the ticket. I love impersonating shenanigans if they are done correctly; High School King os Savvy just might be one of these dramas.
The first two episodes gave us just a sample of the trouble Seo In Guk's character will be dealing with as he masquerades as his older brother, the new director, of the major company Comfo. So far I love Lee Min Seok's(Seo In Guk) personality, his confidence, and his slacker mind. I cannot wait to watch him hone acting like his brother to an exact science cause he's not doing half bad right now.
I am curious to see how Soo Young works into this whole thing. Right now I can't see exactly how she'll get tied up in this whole thing, maybe she'll suddenly remember the night she met Min Seok and realize he's actually a high school student rather than a business man. I'm excited to see her help Min Seok with his quick changes and figuring out the work place cause Min Seok hates studying and work in general and he'll need her help. I wonder how they'll con her into helping with this whole tricking the main boss thing. 
Yoo Jin Woo(Lee Soo Hyuk), I really do like his character and it doesn't help that I'm almost finished with Vampire Idol and loving him in that. Anyways, Jin Woo isn't a jerk. I appreciate that and I actually find him rather likable. He let Soo Young down gently when she confessed to him and didn't string her along, nor did he express any interest in her romantically, she just interpreted his attention the wrong way. As I was watching episode one from a viewer's point of view when he first met Soo Young I saw nothing but a slight interest in her as a colleague and a person rather than a romantic interest. When she helped him break off the China deal I saw his mind register her as someone who could be useful as a colleague and his attention at the company dinner was nothing but polite but with her odd mind and personality I totally saw how she interpreted the situation. Oh man, how awkward was that? That was just fantastic though I don't like the pity angle they're playing Soo Young on. I do pity her but I want to see her become a more confident woman and I think her encounters with Min Seok will do that. I am in no way hoping for them to become romantic interests because he's in High School! I have never liked Noona romances which is unfortunate because it's a rather popular thing in Korea for reasons I can't understand. So while I want Min Seok and Soo Young to become good friends, I want Jin Woo to start liking her and eventually end up with her. I can see the awkward couple becoming a real couple; that is unless Min Seok decides he's in love with her and she takes interest in him. I am also interested to find out what Jin Woo's devils are as well as Min Seok's Hyung's reasoning for bailing on his new company. 
I feel like I'm going to love this show and I couldn't wait to see Seo In Guk playing a High School Student again.

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