Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vixx comeback with Error

So looks like Vixx will be making a comeback with a song and MV called Error. Now from what I've read it looks like they're going for a cyborg kind of theme which is interesting and makes me curious to see how they will make it happen. I find Vixx can be a little bit edgy in that they aren't afraid to push the boundaries. Take Voodoo Doll for example, Vixx made that MV knowing that Korea would ban it but they made it anyways. They could have just said that the members were under the control of voodoo and left it at that but instead they took it three steps further and made them into Voodoo Doll being controlled by an insane voodoo woman. I like that they do that and I hope that Error is the same way; maybe not so much that they'll get banned but maybe right to the edge of the line, kind of like Hyde but maybe just a little more so. The teaser pictures give us a better idea of what the video could be like. Check out those spikes coming out of their faces. That's crazy. And the metal under their skin reminds me of I, Robot. Gotta love Will Smith.
Couple more things before I end this post, do they all have the same colored hair? Not that it's a bad thing but it's just funny to me. And I feel like we should all take a moment to admire Hongbin's abs. I'm sure he worked very hard to be very fit and it is truly a great accomplishment on his part from which everyone can benefit. :)
October 14th is when this MV will be released.

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