Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vixx Error

Um... I don't think I understand this video. I mean I understand that It's about a boy loving a girl who has passed away, and I would understand that he tried to bring her back as a robot/cyborg, and that he'd make himself a cyborg so she wouldn't feel alone? Left out? Different? So maybe I don't fully understand that part but I really don't understand the rest of the video with the guys in black suits and did Hongbin and the girl get taken apart by his machines at the end? I don't know. Did Hongbin experiment on the rest of Vixx to make sure he knew how to make a cyborg? Hongbin, dude, bros before hoes. That's how it should be. And if those guys in suits came because Hongbin made an illegal cyborg, shouldn't they have arrived a little sooner, you know, after he had already mangled the other five members of Vixx and himself? Terrible cyborg police. I didn't even love the song that much.

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