Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Well this is interesting. While I would argue that Spica's Boa is one of the most talented girls in the KPop industry right now, I would also argue that Spica needs Boa just as much as Boa needs Spica. I don't like when artists have solo debuts, as many of you have probably caught onto by now. Subgroups are fine, I like Super Junior KRY, I like when D.O and Baekhyun get their own songs, but when one artist does a solo thing and the rest of them form a subgroup I tend to get a little worried. So we have Spica.S now, which is Spica minus Boa which is sad because Boa is by far my favorite member of Spica. Since I found Spica I've been waiting for a MV to come out so I can have the excitement of watching a new MV from a group I love. Will this MV be as awesome as You Don't Love Me and Tonight? Possibly not. Will Boa's debut be as awesome as a full Spica MV, possibly not. But I am willing to watch and wait. I will miss Boa and Bohyung belting out beautiful notes together. But let's see how this goes. And I will be waiting for a full Spica MV later on.
Give Your Love. September 12th.

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